Here at Delaware Red Pitbulls , our program is our passion. We have 15 + years of blood, sweat, and tears devoted to our program and currently into our 6th generation of stock. This is not about income for us, we own several  established businesses for income and this allows us to have the financial backing to provide a higher quality of life for DRP.  We believe breeding for income is what is destroying this beautiful breed.  This is pure passion for us and what separates us from most breeders. We are devoted to breeding only the absolute best U.K.C / A.D.B.A Working-Performance Sport American Pit Bull Terriers/ Red working pit bulldogs of  the past & present incorporating our standards. Here at DRP, we not only breed healthy quality dogs but all our dogs are family. They aren't just kenneled dogs that live to breed. We are not a puppy mill operation. Our dogs here play with our children, go to parks, boat-swim, and are allowed in our home as part of the family. We not only advocate the breed but also the "Way Of Life" associated with this breed. We strive to educate the public and  guide buyers to choose the best fit for their home, even if its recommending another breed. Our program was established in 2004 with a lifetime of experience with the breed. Now with three locations ranging from just outside Philadelphia, the Delaware beaches, and off the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. We are expanding breeding at this time and have our foundation established. Our long term breeding program  is in motion. Our pedigrees stem from OFRN-OLD FAMILY RED NOSE / CAMELOT / HEMPHILL /  REDBOY/JOCKO /   CASTILLO  / BROOZER BLOOD however we are currently 15+ years into our program and own/feed 6 generations of our own stock. Some consider this our own bloodline. Here at DRP, we are breeding for HEALTH first and foremost, TEMPERAMENT, INTELLIGENCE, PROTECTION-GUARD INSTINCT,  INTENSE  PREY -CIVIL DRIVE BALANCE, STRONG NERVE, HEAVY MUSCLE, CONFIDENCE , STRONG WIND, STRONG BITE, and STRONG WORKING ABILITY. The dogs produced here remain classified and registered American Pitbull Terrier. We do not produce the old school 30lbs-40lbs pitbull terriers that were bred for combat/BOX. We breed for working-Sport dogs and family companions with strong temperaments who can turn it on! Our current breedings are bred for 16" - 20" height, girthy, compact, muscular structure, athletic 50-80lbs  eye candy dogs that are  also capable of hunting, Personal Protection Work, Drug Sniffing, weight pulling, dock diving, and any working task they are asked to perform due to their superior genetics. Some of our foundation blood stems from sonias/ redskins PR DNA-P "Broozer",  arguably one of the most successful producing red dogs of our time and one of the most successful producing studs in the red world. If interested in what we are producing here at DRP, we suggest you do not hesitate in contacting us to place a deposit for your pick/reservation on any upcoming breedings. We tend to sell out before puppies are birthed and have a waiting list so don't miss out! Due to our endless research and meticulous selective breeding here at DRP, the dogs produced here are similar in appearance from previous generations as seen on family/ produced page. We strive to preserve the breeds best traits  and keep CONSISTANCY with and throughout every breeding we put together. Here at DRP, we pride on providing a style of dog and educating our customers so they have a great understanding of what they're acquiring . You will see extremely beautiful dogs with heavy bone and muscle mass, having gold / green eyes and coats with various shades of red, white, and flash ranging from 50-80lbs. We believe  the properly bred RED DOG is genetically superior and second to none.  The most versatile breed on the planet. If you are looking to purchase a superior and special canine,  you have completed your search. We are not in direct competition with any breeder and simply aim to produce some of the most self gratifying bulls being produced anywhere today. Your interest is greatly appreciated here at Delaware Red Pitbulls. We hope to work with you providing you one of the highest quality A.P.B.T.s being bred today leaving our name in the history books with some of the great dogmen who paved the path for us.



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               "Home of the High Quality Klosowski U.K.C Working, Sport, Performance, & Companion Red APBT's"

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AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER HISTORY Although the APBT, as well as many other modern breeds, posses a canine ancestry that fought other animals, whether it was bulls, boars, bears, lions, or other dogs, that was not their sole or main function. Certainly the APBT excels at fighting-no other breed can match him-but lets look at the other functions of this ancient breed. The APBT was used to work with a variety of large animals including domestic cattle. His talents have been utilized by hunters as a holding dog, stockmen as a catch dog, farmers as a watchdog, and gamblers as a fighter. The modern day APBT is primarily kept as a pet and family companion. One of the many detrimental myths of this breed is that they are mainly bred and maintained as a fighting dog. The reality is that a very small and ever decreasing percentage of APBT's were ever used for professional fighting. The pro dog fighter tends to prefer small (35lbs or so) very thin dogs which due to their size are not suited for many of the tasks asked of the modern day working dog. The historical truth is the APBT has not only done well, but thrived at whatever challenges it has been asked to perform. You may often hear the APBT referred to simply as a bulldog. The bulldog of several centuries ago was an agile, muscular dog of medium size, quite capable of participating in the bull and bear-baiting events of its time. Bulldogs were admired for their intelligence, physical courage, gameness and their tolerance of pain. All desirable qualities for dogs working with animals many times their size. Artists' renderings of the bulldog of the 18th and 19th centuries show a canine of extreme similarity to the modern APBT. This similarity has led many to claim that the modern APBT is indeed the original pure Bulldog of the British Isles. Other records do not support this. There are references claiming crosses between bulldogs and terriers. The reasons given for crossing the two was to increase speed and activity by adding the agile and active hunting terriers of the time. Some state that the bull-and-terrier breeds resulted from interbreeding of the White English terrier. Others state that several types of larger hunting terriers were used in crossing. It has been pointed out that some bull-and-terrier breeds had wiry coats and a variety of colors not found in bulldogs or in the White English terriers. The dog fighters were among the first to keep records about pedigrees. England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States brought the bull-and-terrier breeds to their ultimate fighting form. Each country had its own variety. England had the Staffordshire bulls, Scotland the Blue Paul, Ireland exported to America many of the red nosed dogs known as the Old Family Red Nosed Line. The APBT has been a victim of a great deal of bad publicity. While the APBT is no perfect angel there are other breeds that are often mistaken as the APBT. Often the APBT gets the blame for the actions of these canines. Boxers, American bulldogs, Bull terriers, English bulldogs, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Labs, mixed breeds......all have been mistakenly branded as APBT at one time or another. Even with all the negative publicity, the APBT has remained very popular. Popularity is not always a good thing. It has come with its price, attracting a group of so called breeders with dollar signs in their eyes doing absolutely nothing for the improvement of the breed. Dogs that should never have been considered for a breeding program have been bred repeatedly with no regards of temperaments, intelligence, health, or genetic defects. Over the years the public has heard all the stories about this "canine loose cannon" and it attracted some people to the breed for the wrong reasons. People who should have never had this powerful breed were able to get dogs that should never have been bred making for a horrible combination. The APBT chosen from a well-bred litter will not be any more problem than any other breed, and less than most. If the APBT were making a debut for the first time, general perception would be different. There would be no fighting history and the breed would not have been hurt by over breeding. If you were to look at the APBT for the first time, you would see an exceptional breed. It has a short, easy to groom coat in many colors. It is large enough to be a protection dog, but small enough to fit in with most families. APBT's are intelligent, easy to housebreak, and do well in obedience. They are protective, but no more aggressive than any other working breeds. The breed is an attractive, versatile breed with many excellent qualities.