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DOB - 08/6/2017
18" tall  78 lbs @ 9 months
80lbs   20"   height 
UKC/ ADBA registered
Klosowski's / Tiny Tuko  
A Klosowski / Pacman  X  Klosowski's/ Red Cheeba production. We take serious pride in Tuko, he is a full DRP production created with high expectation and starting to exceed so.  Tuko is a line bred 5X legendary Sonia- redskins/ Broozer dog with a stellar  pedigree.  Tuko does all that hes asked and Works hard, great obedience,  great protection instincts,  and a handsome structure! Full brother to White Geisha

UKC registered
D.O.B   11/28/2013
Maximum pits/ Red Jaxx 
of Delaware Red Pitbulls
A  Maximum pits production and owned by Delaware Red Pitbulls.  Jaxx is a direct Gargoyle pits/ Brixx production. Jaxxs' dam Maximum pits/ Bella holds similar ancestory as the other dogs we own in our program. Jaxx will allow us to put together some great "pedigree" and "structured"  breedings in the near future. Jaxx has a tight compact structure, plenty of fire, and superb temperament that we love here at DRP. Look at his parents for yourself!  We will be constantly evaluating his growth and progress to be a component in our program. Stay tuned for more of  Red Jaxx over the next couple years, he is making some big noise in the red world!

UKC registered
D.O.B   6/15/2014
 Klosowski's/ Loki
*D.O.B.    8/25/2015*

 D.R.P - Hayes' collaboration production and owned by Delaware Red Pitbulls.  Loki is a direct Klosowski's/ Cheeba production beautifully matched with Hayes' Cowboy. Loki will allow us to put together some great "pedigree" and "structured"  breedings with HARD DRIVE. He has a tight smaller compact  structure, extreme fire-drive, and superb working temperament that we love here at DRP. 65lbs of special, and a key component in our program. Stay tuned for more of  Loki in the near future!

LoKi's time is here! 

UKC registered
 Klosowski's/  Big BUDDHA
*D.O.B.    8/18/2015*

**Buddha is a Delaware Red Pitbulls 3rd generation offspring and our largest dog by over 10lbs. Buddha is one of our personal favorites. He is also a proven producer with offspring such as our beautiful girl Saki on our females page. We couldn't have asked for a better balanced big dog with hard drive. This boy is sure to make make a impact**
90lbs 20" height 
UKC registered
Klosowski's / Cerberus  
70lbs  * 17" height 
UKC registered